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So I am home from my whirlwind Los Angeles trip.

I competed in my first ever international title comp: Paragon and received 4th place, Im excited to continue on and improve and see where the future takes me!

I have wonderful people in my life who help me to see where i want to go and definitely aid me in getting there, I love them so much and my goal is to truly make them proud of me.

BUT! i wanted to make this blog post about Disneyland and give you Gracies quick notes on how to have an awesome time!

1. 3 days minimum! try and stay at one of the resorts if possible, this way you are immersed in the experience for three whole days and it is ridiculous (breakfast with Chip and Dale anyone?)

2. celebrate! as you enter, step straight up to Disney's town hall and see if you're entitled to anything special. is it your birthday soon? are you celebrating anything? is it your first time? you will most likely earn a badge!! by wearing this badge staff and characters will be extra excited to see you and greet you appropriately and by the end of three days you will still be beaming each time.

3. Fast pass man. There are some seriously popular rides at this place and you need to go on everything. for real. check out the line, is it way busy? step on over to the fast pass area and grab a ticket, this will tell you to come back at a particular time for a much shorter line. phew.

4. speaking of lines, they are unavoidable, take something to do whilst you wait and they will pass in no time. things like an iphone game, even a book if you wish, if you are with friends may i suggest an app called Heads Up! which is basically the game of celebrity heads where the person holds the iphone to their head and has to guess who they are.

5. dress appropriately. wear comfy shoes, but really what Im talking about is Disney appropriate clothing. I like to theme each outfit as a different character, this may mean going all out and actually BEING that character, but for me I like to wear modern clothing, hair and makeup style that is inspired by a particular disney character. once again, because why not?!

6. Trick or treat. There are so many gorgeous treats its difficult not to devour them all, I say make a shortlist of three treats if you are like me and cant control yourself around chocolate, you can also use them as bribes etc: if you go on Tower of terror with me Ill get you a Mickey popsicle! my shortlist: themed caramel apple, smore, banana split.

7. last one. this is my favorite! If you see any of Andy's toys from Toy Story wandering around I dare you to yell "Andy's Coming!" and they will freeze just like in the movie...... just let the awesomeness of that sink in for a second.

in conclusion, Disneyland is the most magical place on earth. Enjoy!

Love you guys xxx

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