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Sexy Poledancer Skin


Yes it is possible!

Just because you have decided to become a pole dancer does not mean your skin has to be a "total Monet" as the girls from Clueless would say (good from afar but not upclose).

We just need to find that balance between grippy enough and lovely and soft. I believe after 4 years of pole I now follow a skincare routine that really works for me, its simply abut taking care of your skin to get the most out of it as a pole dancer and a woman!

Im going to list what I do and hopefully it will solve your "tougher than my boyfriends" skin problems xxx

1. Shower at night.

This way you go to bed lovey and clean and by the time you wake up in the morning your skin has worked its magic on repairing and once you get on a pole whether it be morning or afternoon your skin has had time to produce moisture which will help you grip, if you do not have this natural moisture your skin becomes like teflon for pole dancers.

2. Wash, duh.

I know its obvious. make sure you get all over and use a wash tool (pink fluffy loofa for me) and most importantly a body wash that you love the smell of and also works with your skin, not something thats going to dry you out. I use Victoria's Secret fantasies, they smell delicious and work beautifully on me.

3. Moisturise.

yes. do it. you must. Whoever told you its a bad idea just isnt doing it with the right product or at the right time. First of all, moisturise at night after your shower on your whole body and give yoursef two minutes before you jump in to bed to let it properly absorb, also use a product that isnt "glossy" that will leave a sheen on your body, we want to drink it up.I use Pole Physics, it is the best for this, it is designed for pole dancers so they totally get exactly what we need.

4. Exfoliate.

Once a week I scrub the hell out of my skin and just get the week off! make sure you get everywhere and really go hell for leather on it. Fresh and healthy skin looks beautiful and feels beautiful. I generally do this on Saturday evening as Sunday is my usual rest day, this way there is no stress about grip and I get beautiful skin so its a win win. dont worry, by Monday it sticks perfectly. I use Soap and Glory's Breakfast scrub.

5. Hair removal.

I follow the same process as my exfoliation. On Saturday evenings is when I shave my legs as most of you probably know, freshly shaved legs often dont stick too well, so following this path is just perfect. hair removal on the rest of your body ofcourse takes place whenever you feel!

6. Sunkissed.

I dont use a solarium so therefore I simply like to use a gentle bronzer on my skin most mornings before I get dressed, just takes the edge off haha. The one I use also has a touch of sparkle in it which naturally I love and once again, I put it on in the morning and I generally get to the pole by afternoon so by this time I have given my skin enough time to prepare itself for the pole. I use Victoria's Secret Sunkissed luminous body bronzer.

7. Nails darling.

lucky last, just as a finisher I try to always have my nails and toenails tidy and painted. I guess it just makes me feel polished (pun intended) and particularly as we are always in heels with our toes poking out. and its fun and creative!

Remember, Love the skin you're in!!


Gracie xoxo

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