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Essential Pole Dance Vocabulary


So I got to thinking the other day about something that i find kind of amusing, I have danced my whole life and naturally dancers have our own mini-language which can differ between chosen dominant styles. This is something we often dont even realise until we find ourselves talking to someone we love over dinner and look up and realize they are just nodding politely but have absolutely no god damned idea what you are discussing with them so passionately.... oh.... whoops.....

therefore, I have compiled a very basic list of a couple of boyfriend/'muggle' friendly pole-sential words so that you can rest easy in knowing you will understand 50% of what your girlfriend/pole dancer friend is saying and contribute!

1. Chorrey:

this simply means choreography. easy. someones dance routine is made up of this stuff. unless its a freestyle (also a good word to use ;)). may often be heard like so: "oh i love this chorrey" or "god damn it I have chorrey-block so hard right now".

2. Know her favorite moves:

This naturally will be different for everyone. ask! There are components of strength and flexibility within each but some people lean towards one or the other, and dont you dare say "i dont get it, it all looks the same".....

3. The name of the studio:

Your dancer may often refer to the studio they train at instead of using the word "training" or even a persons name. You must understad that this is a holy place for a pole dancer. do not take the studios name in vain. an example from myself would be: "I've got Pole Divas all day, sorry" hahaha

4. Spin/Static:

another simple one. "Static" refers to the still pole and "spin" refers to the pole that spins upon contact. Most performances require the use of both styles. Dancers may often say 38, 40, 45 and 50. This referrs to the thickness of the pole. they may also have a prefferred finish such as brass (mine), chrome or stainless steel and X-Pole is commonly used in refference to these poles.

5. Flow:

flow is used when discussing how well something moves and looks either on or off the pole. when discussing this, the idea is that the dancer wants to look effortless and lovely regardless of genre.

6. Combo/Pass:

a combo/combination/pass is a sequence of pole tricks done on either pole. sorted.

7. Have a couple of random dancer adjectives:

super handy when you dont know what to say if you ask my boyfriend haha. some i can suggest are: smooth, pow, ka, chewy, gooey, is it on the 1 or the 8? (just go with it), banger, legato, smack, sexy, killer, sickening.

dont worry, you'll be fine...

Gracie xoxo

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