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Rest, Reset but don't Forget

Hi guys and welcome to 2016,

I know my last blog post was about setting goals and where to start so I wont go on about that! But I hope you feel refreshed and inspired facing 2016, its always such an exciting time of year.

That being said, we are just stepping out of the smoky haze that is the party season and lots of us out there are feeling a little creaky and maybe even a tad regretful...

Here is what I think about all of this, the majority of us put alot of expectation upon ourselves to always be at our absolute best that the idea of taking a break from working/training/stretching/etc can envelop us completly in guilt so therefore before the holidays even start we feel bad for taking them because we are in some way letting ourselves down. I totally understand. I do this %100.

Although, over the past 12 months I have finally come to the realization that these breaks are super important to actually progressing!

If we do not allow ouselves to rest a couple of times a year the pressure builds up within our minds and bodies and we either get to an emotional breaking point or a physical one and both of these can really suck.

The KEY is simply to use your break wisely and always remember to take care of yourself. If you have waited too long to rest then when the time comes you may end up falling in a heap and (lets face it) not wanting to move from the sofa at all and then when its time for you to get back in to everything its as though you are standing at the base of the biggest mountain you have ever seen....and you have no shoes....or map......or phone reception.

I get it. Tricky.

So when on your breaks this year try to think of them not as "freedom from the shackles that are my life" but as an opportunity to refresh and reinspire yourself without pressure.

Dont indulge too heavily. Sure, go out for some drinks and enjoy some treats with your friends and family but do not make this a daily occurance and throughout keep an eye on your portions (theres no need to eat more than you regularly do) and aim to steer clear of processed and sugary items.

Let your body and mind relax. I know we can start to feel like we are 'letting ourselves go' but this is not the case! Your body needs to recover periodically, we put ourselves under alot of stress both physically and mentally and sometimes the best thing is to step back and let it go (woo, Disney reference) for a moment and put things in perspective. Be grateful for what you have achieved first of all and better things will be drawn to you.

You can always keep moving but try to pull back on the intensity and give something new a try.

For instance, on my holiday to Thailand over Christmas I relaxed as much as possible and did things like hiking, Yoga, playing in the water, ropes courses, a beach run, sun bathing, i took a bubble bath, got massages and read a book.

To put it simply: Move your body, eat well, be creative, work hard and rest.

I hope you can take some time every now and then to take a break and allow yourself to enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day,

Gracie xoxo

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