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hey guys,

So, I know as athletes and simply busy women in general our bodies need all the help they can get to keep up with our serious demands!

I definitely get the majority of my nutrients from a clean, healthy diet and making sure that i always eat ENOUGH!

I am in no way a doctor but I have experimented a lot with supplements and paid attention to how they effect my body and mind and there are certainly a few things that I swear by to aid in my recovery and progress. Here is a list of the supplements i take practically everyday. I will continue to try new things and refine what works best for me as I myself grow and change and encourage you (if you are interested) to do the same.

I love:

1. Protein!

I go for plant based superfood packed protein by RAWRRR Nutrition.

Protein aids in building muscle and lessening recovery time.

2. Fish oil!

Aids bone strength and promotes a healthy cholesterol level.

3. Vitamin D!

Strengthens bone and muscle.

4. Multi vitamin!

Improves energy and cognitive function as well as encouraging overall health.

5. Iron!

Aids in energy production and performance.

6. Glutamine!

Minimizes breakdown of muscle and improves protein absorption.

7. BCAA!

Branch Chain Amino Acids reduce muscle fatigue and help recovery.


Gracie xxx

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