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Recovery is everything

Hey guys,

So I have recently re-encountered the SERIOUS importance of recovery as an athlete and have figured out exactly how to ensure that I am taking proper restorative care of myself.

Its this simple:

Treat your recovery as though it is training


Yeah, I know its a really simple statement and probably rather obvious for a lot of people but as soon as I had this realisation I was finally able to break free of my sorry excuse for taking care of my body.

As athletes we prioritize our training over pretty much everything else in our lives. Seriously.

Parties, events, social anythings, even friends and family get pushed to the side so that we can continue to make ourselves harder, better, faster, stronger.

I get it and I am extremely guilty of this.

But I have always lumped recovery in to this group as well!

It has seemed so frou-frou and I have forever treated it in my head like a reward rather than a neccessity.

This year my body had really started to kick back at me in terms of soreness, tightness, tiredness and a host of other negative things that when I would complain to people they would say “girl, you need to take care of yourself” to which I would respond “yeah, I know”....... and do nothing.

I got super over all this and went and got a really awesome sports massage. The next day stretching I noticed how much better my body felt and it truly made me remember how good it felt to be nice to my body in ways other than training, clean eating and my fabulous supplements.

From then on I have scheduled many different types of this recovery in to my week, every week, and its proving to be such an excellent change.

When I organize my week on a sunday I add in to the schedule these nice moments on 3-4 of the days.

Things I do include:

  • massage

  • Physio/Osteo

  • Meditation

  • Roller/spikey ball

  • Jacuzzi

  • Hot muscle relax bath

  • Float tank

  • Sauna/Steam room

and Im constantly aiming to try other solutions also.

So seriously guys, take the time atleast once a week to do something restorative for your hard working body!

Chat soon,

Gracie xoxo

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