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30 min Leg Work for Home

Hi there guys,

Thought I would drop in to give you a nice quick leg series that you can do at home (or anywhere you have a little space really) for a nourishing stretch and a touch of conditioning.

Its important that you are regularly training your body outside of your pole work, this will ensure that you continue to grow as an athlete and dancer by building on your flexibility, active flexibility, line, body awareness and overall strength.

Here is a quick series for your lower body that shouldnt take you too long to complete. Tack it on to the beginning or end of your training sessions or simply do it by itself.

* 5 Min warmup (jump around non stop to a song that you like, then 2 minutes of ankle rolling, leg swinging, squats and grinding)

* 3x 10 deep turned out squats, 10 deep squat jumps with pointed feet and extended legs as you jump,

* 2x 1 minute hamstring stretch leaning against a wall. standing close to a wall go on your toes, lean in to the wall with as much of your back as possible then lower heels to floor for maximum hamstring and calf stretch, keep pushing your hands agains your knees and reaching your tailbone to the ceiling.

* 1 minute on each leg hip flexor/quad stretch against the wall. Lunge facing away from the wall with your back knee right up against it. Keep your chest high and sink your hips as much as possible. For more pull back foot in to your butt without compromising the position.

* 4 minutes froggy stretch. on belly, knees out to side make sure that your butt and knees are in a square alinement. You can either stay here for the whole time or alternate with a full middle split or one leg extended at a time.

* 1 minute each leg elevated in a V/pancake stretch. sitting in a V put one foot up higher and spend the time trying to flatten your belly to the floor, if you can try to pull your upper body underneath the elevated leg for more adducter stretch.

* 2x Standing kicks 10 forward, side and back each leg. Focus on zero movement through the rest of your body. standing leg super straught and strong, chest lifted, powering only from your active leg. Full knee extension and foot point.

* 2x Standing develope` forward, side and back each leg. Similar to last but this one is about more control. Bend leg and tuck knee, extended to your absolute highest point and achieve full extension ensuring still nothing else in your body moves. Hold it for 10 counts at this extremity.

* 1 minute of supersplits (leg elevated) on each split. front left, front right, back left, back right, middle.

Happy dancing!

Gracie xoxo

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