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Hummus Squad

Hey guys,

So i make a big batch of hummus every week and seperate it in to little tubs because i tend to get home from teaching classes quite late and am starving! I love to unwind by standing in my kitchen watching youtube and sharing some hummus and wafers or carrot sticks with my dog. Its so easy to make and therefore a much better option for your snack than the version with preservatives that you can find in most brands at the supermarket. Let me know if you give it a go!


* Can Chickpeas

* Salt and pepper (sprinkling)

* Tahini (1/3 cup)

* Garlic (1tsp)

* Lemon juice (2tbl)

* Cumin (1tsp)

* Olive oil (1/4 cup)


Place all ingredients in to a food processor. Blitz to combine. Refridgerate and enjoy.

Its THAT easy.


Gracie xoxo

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