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Commercial Exotic Pole

In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine with and around the base of the pole in Gracies signature style, with extensive musicality and authenticity, that focuses on developing you as a dancer and performer as well as encouraging an educated dance ability to accompany your pole progression.

Splits & Tricks


This workshop will help you with tips and stretches to get your splits super flexy whilst you learn a fluent new flexy based trick combination that also encourages fluidity, style and technique on and off the pole. 

Gracie's Signature Tricks and Combos


In this workshop you will learn some of Gracie’s most favorite and newest tricks and combinations including singular movements, dynamic aerial combinations as well as floor to pole transitions and movement pieces. This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced students.

Lyrical Pole


This workshop focuses heavily on musicality, fluidity and contemporary dance technique. Learn how to dance with intent as you work your way through a choreographed routine designed especially to show expression and difference in smooth transitions and flowing movements. 

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