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The Institute of stardust...

Why be afraid to reach for the stars when you are already made of Stardust? 

Join my community of dancers and athletes who are aspiring to well rounded excellence. I believe that with talent, dedication, knowledge, creativity and hard work alone we can achieve so very much! But, I also truly believe that if we seek out those with expertise and passion we are able to form a team that allows us to reach our absolute potential and follow our dreams, whatever they may be. Coaching is something close to my heart and I am quite passionate about, I also believe that a coach may take shape in many different ways, depending on what the athlete/artist requires. I am happy to offer intimate and involved coaching as well as general aid with things such as mindset, goal setting, choreography, training, creative input, lifestyle and more. Hopefully I can help you in your personal journey. I have been a professional dancer for over 10 years and therefore possess extensive knowledge in this area, I am currently finalising my PT qualification and have certificates in nutrition fundamentals & holistic gut health  Follow your heart. Gracie xx




The most comprehensive coaching package I offer! Designed to be on-going and focusing on creating a well rounded lifestyle in which the athlete is able to progress in the most efficient way. Package includes skype/personal discussions and lessons as well as scheduling, health advice, training, choreography and more. Personally crafted for the individual. 

Month long package. Can be extended for as long as desired.


Comp or show coming up? I can help with that! Choreography, piece design, cleaning routines, technique development, creative expression and giving your piece that extra sparkle.

week long package. Can be extended as desired.


Sometimes you just need a second opinion. This is an option for a one off session ranging from a 45min phone or skype call or an email response discussing your desired topic (routine analysis, routine development, training, stretch, etc).

Lesson price determined by chosen option. 


Oh how I love to choreograph! This ranges from choreography of an entire piece, sections of choreography or pole combinations. 

Price determined by required choreography.

Online lessons

I am also available for standard online lessons in pole, dance technique, conditioning, choreography and routine cleaning.

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