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Little Miss Motivated


do you ever feel as though in your mind you are/could be so god damn amazing but the idea of getting yourself there is somewhat overwelming? that maybe tommorrow you will do it, just too busy today?

if only you had the time/money/confidence? or simply, why cant i be more like her?

I believe it is so important to acknowledge this potential and understand that its freakin' difficult to believe in yourself and try whatever it is thats nagging at you in your heart.

Motivation and inspiration are the most important elements of self development!

I believe that even when we try and things dont quite work out the way we planned it is a MUCH better feeling than regret for not having tried at all!

When we feel a new idea a burst of energy happens, this is super awesome, like an idea-honeymoon stage, then soon enough things become trickier and this amazing energy tends to retreat and not long after you may be stuck dreaming of yourself achieving these things instead of physically doing it.

This is what we call a RUT.

as a competitive pole dancer, developing pieces is an extremely emotional, exhausting and sometimes long process and there are certainly times when I want to run away with my cat to disneyland and hope no one notices, but these are far outweighed by the times I am excited to push myself, see what I can become and show everyone what Ive got. The trick is staying motivated, retaining that burst of energy that you had when this idea began, whether it be a pole piece, fitness journey, change of lifestyle, new adventure, etc. Here are a couple of simple tricks I use to help myself in doing this, it has taken me a long time to figure out how my mind works when approaching challenges and Im sure i still have a long way to go but these are my current motivational tips:

1. write it down where you can see it. on your mirror is a great place, remind yourself what you are wanting and most importantly that you deserve it.

2. look good, feel good. tidy yourself up and get excited to do that thing. It may be buying cute gym or pole clothes, brushing your hair and a dash of lipgloss with a smile. When you feel better about the way you look the little confidence boost means jumping up and tackling the world isnt quite as scary.

3. keep a track of progress. I film all of my training and I often go back through videos and have a look and think "oh gosh Ive gotten more flexible" "I looked like I was struggling through this section but I feel ok now", etc. Its difficult to remember where we came from not long ago when all we want to do is be better.

4. have a buddy. either someone who is on a mission aswell or just your boyfriend/brother. I like to have friends and family to chat to about how things are going for me so I can talk through my worrying thoughts, I often even talk to my boyfriend when he is completely asleep because the peacefulness of simply ackowledging and voicing that you are afraid is super helpful in overcoming it!

5. focus. Ok so its late and its cold and rainy and you have a warm cup of milo and your kitten on your lap and all of a sudden your alarm goes off saying you need to train now..... how easy is it to say "yeah, no thanks"?

when this happens to me, I take a moment and breathe deeply and try to focus and remember what I want and that staying committed to my plan is the only way to achieve it. pick yourself up, have a glass of cold water and smile, its amazing how energising that can be.

6. schedule! I am a naturally lazy person. Therefore, at the beginning of the week I grab my diary and write out my training schedule for that week, I make sure its not too crazy and that Im hitting all the targets Im aiming for and most importantly I schedule in rest, we do not want to burn out!


Gracie xoxo

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