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Quick Everyday Stretches for Pole Dancers

Stretching and flexibility is SUCH an important part of being a successful pole dancer and therefore needs to be constantly trained just like you do your strength and technique!

I work on my flexibility non-stop in both intense and more laidback sessions, it is important to work on maintaining your flexibility as well as of ocourse adding in sessions every week to aim to increase it aswell. We need to take good care of our muscles and be sure not to over stretch. The key is not to go hard for one month and then do nothing for a time. Consistency is the way to go guys! Your flex is super temperamental and can take a little while to see the results that you are looking for, but stay on it and I promise you will improve, it may not be as quickly or as dramatically as you want but you will!

I am just going to list as simply as I can here some quick stretches you can do everyday to keep yourself on the right path to your flexi-pole dreams:

1. Hamstring foldovers.

start gently sitting in pike with your legs slightly apart and fold and relax through the center, bounce freely and then reach and pull your chest

through for ten seconds x3, bring your ankles together and repeat flattening

your back as much as possible and maintaining straught knees. You can

repeat this with your feet elevated on a chair for more intensity.

2. Lunge series/splits

lunge with your knee on the floor ensuring your front ankle and knee are in

a straight line, focus on lengthening and sinking your hips down in to the

floor always. bounce and roll around to open up your hips. Tuck your back

toe and lock your knee continuing to sink your hips. Place the knee back

down and sit up tall so as to stretch your back hip flexor. Slide slowly in to

front splits.

3. Quad/Hip Flexors

in a lunge place your heel on your butt and your shin on the wall, get as

close to the wall as you can. Keeping you rchest up start to slowly sink in to

a deep lunge and hold, this should get right in to your hip flexors and quad.

4. Froggies/Middle splits

On your hands and knees slide your knees open as widely as possible and

hold (you can bounce or roll slightly to encourage openness) making sure

that your knees and ankles are in a straught line. When you feel ready

straighten one leg at a time maintaining your knee direction forwards and

not up to the roof. Hold. Smile. Breathe.

5. Shoulders/Back

straighten your arms and rest your wrists on a bench, step backwards and

drop your chest through to the floor. Hold. Laying on your belly facing a

wall keep your pelvis on the floor and slowly walk your hands up he wall

holding in places you feel the most in your back.

Enjoy! xxx

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