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What a year! Lets go 2016

hey guys!

we are hurtling ever closer to the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, can you believe it?

I just wanted to check in here and express just how proud I am of my achievments this year, looking back i achieved what i set out to at the beginning of 2015 by placing in all the competitions that i entered and even winning my first international pole title!

I wanted to push myself to get stronger, flexier, more technical and above all more mentally sound and motivated.

so now its time for us to set new goals for ourselves! I just love this time of year, competitions are done, christmas is approaching, the weather is warming up and we get to revisit and refresh and above all DECIDE where we want to take ourselves over the next 12 month. How cool is that?!

I like to set goals in categories and be sure to keep them focused in my mind for the entire year, being sure to check in regularly.

When setting goals i think it is extremely important to take your time and think about what you truly want for yourself and not perhaps what you think you should want or in fact what other people want for you. Please be mindful of this, at the end of the day success is often not what you think it is. If you are unsure of what you want for yourself you can create these thoughts in which you think "if i just get this then ill be successful" and lo and behold when it happens ofcourse you are happy but then that creeping feeling comes back and before you know it you no longer 'feel' successful.

I am not immune to this! But it is certainly something that I am aiming to be more concious of in the coming year.

be who YOU want to be and happiness will surround you.

I set 2-3 goals in each of these categories:

Pole Goals

Flexibility Goals

Fitness Goals

Career Goals

Personal Goals

this is just an exmaple. You can choose whatever categories best suit you and your lifestyle. Give it a try!

Ill see you soon for a new recipe.


Gracie xoxo

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