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Infamous Oat Muffins

With my busy schedule of teaching, coaching and training I have to make sure that i have everything that I need to keep me together day by day, most importantly my breakfast!

I make these oat muffins once a week and they last me 2-3 days for breakfast (depending how large of a batch i make), they are super handy as a travelling breakfast so I tend to get asked all of the time exactly what I am eating and for the recipe, so I thought I could share it here :)

I pack these muffins full of protein too so they tend to keep me super filled up for a good amount of time. I also vary the flavour pretty much weekly depending on what fresh fruit i can get at the store or what I may be craving at the time.

Oh, and they are SO easy to make.

Here are some of my fave flavours that i make:


coconut and peacan



apple and cinnamon

I promise these will become a staple of yours too!


* Egg

* Egg white

* Banana x2

* Baking powder

* Protein x2 scoops

* Oats X3 cups

* Almond mylk x1 cup

* fruit/nuts/flavour of your choice


* Preheat oven to 180c

* Blend all wet ingredients together

* Pour in to a big bowl with oats and additives of your choice

* place muffin cups in muffin tray and fill with mixture

* Bake for 20 mins, cool and enjoy

Enjoy xoxo

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